Q: Do you offer gift wrapping?
A: Yes as a special request.

Q: What is a pre-tied bow tie?
A: A bow tie you don’t have to tie yourself. The bow tie normaly fastens at the back of the neck.

Q: Do you offer pre-tied bow ties?
A: Yes. But they can be used as pre-tied or tie your own. Our Vintage and Custom bowties have 3 pearl snaps that attach at the back of the neck.

Q: Can I send fabric?
A: Yes. Identify as Empire “Custom” Bow Ties

Q: What if I need a bow tie faster?
A: We can rush order most ties and over night for additional fees.

Q: What makes your bow ties different from other custom bow ties?
A: Most of our Custom Bow Ties are made from Vintage Reclaimed and Recycleble Fabrics.

Q: Do you offer gift certificates?
A: Yes. Special instructions will be included to redeem gift certificates.

Q: Are bow ties OK to wear to work?
A: Most definitely. Bow Ties are most proper in any environment you would wear a regular straight tie.

Q: Is it really just a matter of personal preference as to the size and shape of the tie or do you have to go buy the size of that’ suits your head?
A: Yes, but be careful. Your tie should not be tied wider than your face or head. There are several types of shapes we offer Example: Large Butterfly 3 inches, Regular Butterfly 2.5 inches, Large Bat 3 inches, Medium Bat 2.5 inches, small bat 2 inches and Diamond 2.5 inches.

Q: What are good combo colors?
A: Any thing goes now days. Some times the weirder the better!

Q: What is your return policy?
A: All return items must start with an email notifying us of your reason for the return. We must receive the returned item with in 30 days of the purchase date or the exchange / refund will not be granted. The postage date will count as the date received. Any Items received with out prior notification by email will not be returned or refunded. All email request will be answered and attended too.

Please let us know How we can better assist you!