James Alan Carter, the founder and owner of Classic and Vintage Clothing, started his small online business to help educate and provide unique fashions for the distinguished gentleman. Along with his love for fashion, James also has a passion for working for non-profit organizations, which included Meals On Wheels, Goodwill Industries and Pendleton Place Children Shelter to name a few.  He was determined to find a way to support and assist non-profit organizations to raise more funding and at the same time share his love for fashion. Voila! Empire Bow Ties was created to help support several non-profit organizations raise money for their cause while at the same time provide Custom Hand Made Bow Ties for the discerning man who love to wear bow ties. Half of all profits from a purchased bow tie will be donated to any supported Non-Profit when the special code identifying the non-profit is used during the purchasing of any bow tie on our web site. The special code can normally be found in the fundraising category of the supported non-profits web page. Email us info on your favorite Non-Profit organization with a web page so we can start raising donations for them as well!


Empire Bow Ties has several categories of bow ties starting with Empire “Custom” Bow Ties created specifically for men with exquisite taste. Our Custom hand made bow ties are created from fabrics chosen from cotton, silk, and vintage materials. This category is perfect for special events and weddings. Boys and young men are great candidates for EmpireCustom” Bow Ties as well. 


There are four other categories Coventry, East 105th Street, Woodland, and Euclid. These four seasonal categories represent what Bow ties should be worn during the seasonal changes. Each seasonal category can be quickly identified on the label on the inner band of each bow tie selected. Coventry represents (Spring), East 105th Street (Summer), Woodland (Fall) and Euclid (Winter).


Our last Bow Tie category is “EmpireVintage” Bow Ties made from reclaimed fabrics and recycled into beautiful one of a kind bow ties.


Also available on our web site “Classic and Vintage Clothing“. Gently worn high end labeled clothing, shoes and accessories that were recaptured and preserved for the Distinguished Gentleman looking to complete his wardrobe.


Don’t hesitate to contact us concerning your additional Wardrobe Analysis, Personal Shopper and Suit Consultant needs!

J. A. Carter – Designer & Wardrobe Consultant

Taylor Ashley Carter – Operations Manager & Blog Editor